Data-Driven Disease Insights for Target Selection

With over 70% of failures in the clinical stage attributed to the choice of drug target, preclinical target selection is the most impactful step in drug development. We collaborate with biopharma companies to address this issue by establishing a data-driven, actionable target selection process that maximizes preclinical confidence in target efficacy and safety. 

We contribute to this in the following ways. We create biological knowledge graphs that harmonize public and proprietary data, making it available across the target selection process. Based on this, our computational disease models predict novel targets and provide insights in the underlying disease biology. We then empower biological researchers to assess these target predictions by developing structured target assessment workflows tailored to their specific evaluation criteria and therapeutic context. 

This enables biopharma companies to maximize confidence in preclinical target discovery, indication expansion and target assessment, lowering the risks and time frames of drug development. 

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