Data Driven Disease Insights

At Euretos, we are driven by a deep desire to unravel the complexities of human disease biology. We are convinced that understanding disease on a molecular level reduces risk and cost of therapy development. This leads to better and safer treatment options for more patients. 

Proliferation of molecular biological research technologies allow for more granular understanding of physiological processes but is accompanied by an escalation of data variety and volume. By connecting data scientists to experienced biological researchers in our multi-disciplinary teams, we leverage the richness in data to develop state of the art computational disease models which can be readily applied to various challenges in the drug development process. 

We work with our partners in the bio-pharmaceutical industry to transform drug development through collaborative, data-driven disease insights.

AI Driven Disease Modelling

Our machine reading technology interprets and connects hundreds of public databases and millions of scientific publications to provide the largest knowledge base where multi omics data is interlinked to literature, patents, experimental and clinical evidence

State-of-the-art Machine & Deep Learning algorithms for cell type deconvolution, co-expression prediction and target perturbation analysis leverage this unique knowledge base to create highly insightful molecular disease models.

These unique assets enable (pre)clinical researchers to take a translational systems biology approach by connecting multi-omics interactions, through cell-type involvement, to downstream pathways, phenotypes and disease pathologies.

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