Data-Driven Translational Research

The Euretos platform empowers researchers to take a data-driven approach to translational research without needing bioinformatics skills or data science expertise. Ready-to-use applications and workflows enable users to do efficient and effective desk research, experiment design and observation analysis

The Euretos platform seamlessly integrates a large collection of literature, patents and experimental and clinical & real-world patient data in a vast biological knowledge graph. A broad suite of applications, predictive algorithms and workflows enable researchers to understand disease mechanisms, discover new drug targets and assess pharmacological pathways.

Euretos has created machine learning models that leverage the biological networks of a target that are stored in our biological knowledge graph such as co-expression, protein-protein interactions and pathways. Our models assess all diseases that are associated through these networks and calculate a gene-disease score which quantifies a gene’s association with the disease, even when there is no direct evidence.

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