Maximize preclinical confidence in target efficacy & safety

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Target discovery for rheumatoid arthritis

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Proven, real-world results

We have one of the strongest track records in AI-driven target discovery and indication expansion as our platform and predictions have contributed to approved drugs and active clinical trials in oncology, Sjogren's disease, Ulcerative Colitis, NASH and epilepsy with 5 different biopharma clients.

Maximize preclinical confidence in target efficacy and safety

With over 70% of failures in the clinical stage attributed to the choice of drug target, preclinical target selection is the most impactful step in drug development. We collaborate with biopharma companies to address this issue by establishing a data-driven, actionable target selection process that maximizes preclinical confidence in target efficacy and safety.

Data-Driven Target Selection


We create biological knowledge graphs that power predictive computational disease models to understand target behavior in the context of human biology. We tailor these to client-specific data, assessment criteria and therapeutic context to enable actionable, data-driven target selection.
Enabling data-driven target selection for world leading pharma and biotech companies
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Target discovery with minimal publication bias

Our predictive computational disease models enable deeper understanding of target behavior in the context of human biology. We find truly novel, non-literature biased targets, as our models are driven by biomolecular and experimental data.

Systematic indication expansion for known drug targets

Euretos computational disease models systematically evaluate gene-disease associations across the whole indication landscape. We consider indications associated with a target’s biological interaction networks to find yet unexplored disease associations to discover novel indications for known drug targets.

A structured and repeatable target assessment process 

We collaborate with our clients to embed target assessment as a repeatable, structured process. We tailor this to client-specific data, assessment criteria and therapeutic context to enable actionable, data-driven target assessment.

Lowering the risks and time frames of drug development

Taking a data-driven approach enables biopharma companies to maximize confidence in preclinical target discovery, indication expansion and target assessment. This lowers the risks and time frames of drug development.
Client review

Target Discovery

"We worked with Euretos to leverage their AI capabilities with the aim of finding new targets in two different indications. It was a real pleasure to work with them and the whole process was characterized by transparency, their willingness to listen to our needs and suggestions, and swift responses and data delivery. In addition, we found their platform very useful for getting an overview of the different targets and for general queries."

Tau Benned-Jensen
Senior Research Scientist, H. Lundbeck A/S
Client review

Indication selection

“In this project, we evaluated you against our internal investigations and the results of one other external provider. What really sets you apart is how you combine a fundamentally biological and data-driven approach. The breadth of the indications you assess and the depth of your analysis sets you apart and is a clear value add to our internal capabilities.”

Large European Pharma
Global Head
Client review

Target Assessment

"I find the Euretos platform to be valuable in what it offers in terms of advanced AI capabilities and analytics of smart scouting and literature searches to probe relevant targets, indications, and therapeutics. The professional support and dedicated mentoring from experienced bioinformatics professionals that Euretos offers greatly enhances our ability to take advantage of all the capabilities of the platform, and extract meaningful insights for our day-to-day mission of bringing innovation into Teva."

Dr. Dana Bar-On
Sr. Director, Head of Academic Affairs and Networks, Specialty R&D, Teva Pharmaceuticals
Client review

Target Discovery

"We have been working with Euretos for many years now. They provide us with unique tools that we use as an integral part of our target discovery and validation. Using the Euretos AI platform is a mandatory input to our target discovery meetings."

Large European Biotech
Director Target Discovery
Client review

Indication Selection

"We find that the Euretos group was very easy to work and communicate with. The professional staff at Euretos did a great job extending their platform and capabilities to our advantage. Euretos helped us to extract meaningful information from a highly complex data domain, that we could build on internally."

Henriette Husum Bak-Jensen
Project Manager, Projects & Portfolio department, H. Lundbeck A/S
Client review

Target Assessment

"We are fascinated by the suggested hypothesis. It was great that even very small expressional changes were captured and a hypothesis was generated. The interpretation was also convincing and consistent. Also, the team is well engaged, and had a very good understanding in the background of the project and our research question"

Large Japanese Pharma
Principal Scientist

Data-driven disease insights

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