Data-driven platform for translational research

The Euretos platform empowers translational scientists involved in basic disease research and drug development. By seamlessly integrating a vast array of data sources including literature, patents, experimental and real-world patient data, our platform offers an unparalleled resource for discovering new drug targets and understanding disease mechanisms.

Unique AI-integrated knowledge base 

Access a unique, AI integrated biomolecular knowledge graph linking multi-omics data to literature, patents, experimental and clinical evidence. Assess key aspects such as multi-omics interactions, gene expression in tissues, cell types and tumors, pathway interactions, regulatory and signalling responses, gene variants, clinical trials, target tractability and patents.

Portal - Powerful workflows for translational research
Search - Optimised for disease and drug biology
Analytics - Systems biological multi-omics insights
Knowledge Graph - Biomolecular interaction analysis

Portal - Powerful, high-impact workflows 

Directly access a host of powerful workflows that support your translational research process. From hypothesis generation and target discovery to planning your in-vitro and in-vivo experiments. We can also create a tailored workflow to your requirements.

 | Identify disease markers & targets | Rank targets for a disease

 | Single cell target expression | BioProfile through Enrichment analysis

 | Assess marker & target candidate | Structured literature review

 | Target identification in cancer | Single cell study viewer

 | Cancer cell line identifier | Tailored workflows


Search - Optimised for disease biology

Our search engine is optimised for disease research and automatically includes all synonyms of your search terms. Easily create sets such as down & upstream protein interactions, dysregulated genes for a disease or agonist targets for a compound. Many fine-grain filtering options are available such as tissue/cell type expression levels, sources or publication types.

 | Gene Detail Page

 | Gene-Disease Analysis

 | Set Creation. 


Analytics - Systems biological insights

Perform insightful data analysis and interpretation by placing your experimental results within the context of systems biology. Understand disease biology from multi-omics interactions, through cell-type involvement, to downstream pathways, phenotypes and disease pathologies.

 | Gene Set Enrichment

 | Gene Set Ranking

 | Heatmap Analysis

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Knowledge Graph - Biological interaction analysis 

The Euretos Knowledge Graph visualizes biomolecular associations ranging from molecular interactions and database annotations to literature and sentence co-mentions. This enables a unique visual analysis that helps to identify key terms, indirect associations and concept clusters. This way you can test complex hypotheses, create molecular disease models and share insights as powerful visualizations.
Client review

"A powerful knowledge discovery platform"

"The Euretos Knowledge Platform is nothing less than an in silico way to save all drug and biotech researchers an infinite amount of blood, sweat and tears by providing them with a powerful knowledge discovery platform. The Euretos Knowledge Platform allows the researcher to rapidly assess whether a given target, research area, etc., is related, even distantly, to another such entity thus allowing one to uncover hidden connections, leading to new knowledge. In the drug discovery arena, this thing is a gold mine."

Prof. David Webb The Scripps Research Institute
Barend Mons
Client review

"Playing an essential role in the rationalisation process of disease hypotheses"

"One of the key aims of our project is to create Covid19 disease model which is based on real world and clinical observations and rationalised and validated by Covid19 disease experts and clinicians. The Euretos AI Platform plays an essential role in this rationalisation process and will be the initial starting point for creating the Covid19 in silico disease model."

Prof Barend Mons LUMC - LACDR - Trusted World of Corona PI
Client review

"Euretos greatly enhances our ability to take advantage of all the capabilities of the platform"

""I find the AskEuretos platform to be valuable in what it offers in terms of advanced AI capabilities and analytics of smart scouting and literature searches to probe relevant targets, indications, and therapeutics. The professional support and dedicated mentoring from experienced bioinformatics professionals that Euretos offers greatly enhances our ability to take advantage of all the capabilities of the platform, and extract meaningful insights for our day-to-day mission of bringing innovation into Teva.""

Dr. Dana Bar-On Sr. Director, Head of Academic Affairs and Networks, Specialty R&D, Teva Pharmaceuticals
Enabling world leading pharma, biotech and academic institutions
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Data-driven disease insights