Target Discovery

Ready-to-use AI-driven applications to discover and evaluate predicted novel targets to improve preclinical pipeline performance


Novel targets to drive the preclinical pipeline 

We work closely with many pharmaceutical & biotech companies to accelerate and de-risk their Target discovery process. Euretos' computational, AI-driven disease models predict novel target associations that domain experts can evaluate rapidly using our AI-integrated knowledge base.

Ranked target predictions from AI-driven, computational disease models
Biomolecular, data-driven approach that maximises discovery potential
Your domain experts assess results using the Euretos AI Platform
Comprehensive 360 degree, rapid target evaluation capabilities
Target Discovery

Data-driven, novel target candidates

Euretos computational disease models systematically evaluate gene-disease associations across the whole disease landscape to predict novel targets for a disease of interest.

H._Lundbeck_A_S_Logo-website"It was a real pleasure to work with Euretos and the whole process was characterized by transparency, their willingness to listen to our needs and suggestions and swift responses. In addition, we found their platform very useful for getting an overview of the different targets and for general enquiries."


Tau Benned-Jensen, Senior Research Scientist, H. Lundbeck A/S.

Target Discovery

Maximise target discovery potential 

To find truly novel targets, we focus on biomolecular and experimental data. By taking into account the diseases associated with a target’s biological interaction networks we find yet unexplored disease associations.
Target Discovery

Empower your domain experts to evaluate target predictions

We provide our clients domain experts access to the Euretos AI Platform to evaluate the predicted targets. Here they can assess key target and disease aspects such as multi-omics interactions, gene expression in tissues, cell types and tumors, pathway interactions, regulatory and signalling responses, gene variants, clinical trials, target tractability and patents.

360 degree biological, functional and commercial target evaluation

As part of the Euretos AI platform, researchers will have access to the Target Evaluation workflow with relevant expression data (tissue, cell type, tumor, cell line), functional annotations, pathway analysis, drug candidates, patents, clinical trials and more! Much of this data is difficult to find or integrated manually by Euretos. This enables a rapid and comprehensive evaluation of a target within a specific disease or phenotypical context.
Enabling world leading pharma, biotech and academic institutions
Janssen and Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies
Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research
Astra Zeneca
Boehringer Ingelheim
Tufts University
Target Discovery

Rapid onboarding

As our computational disease models and AI-integrated knowledge base are ready-to-use, the onboarding process for new clients is very rapid. In-app tutorials and close support of our translational scientists accelerate the learning curve even further.

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Enabling world leading pharma, biotech and academic institutions
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