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Our search engine is optimized for disease research and automatically includes all synonyms of your search terms. Easily create sets such as down & upstream protein interactions, dysregulated genes for a disease or agonist targets for a compound. Many fine-grained filtering options are available such as tissue/cell type expression levels, sources or publication types.

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Search including synonyms
Set creation in 100+ biomolecular categories
Fine-grained biological filters including cell type expression
360 degree Gene Detail page

Search including synonyms

Our AI technology recognizes language and understands what you are looking for. For any search term, we automatically find all synonyms as well. If different concepts match your term, we let you decide. Type in ‘ache’, for instance, and Search distinguished ‘ache as pain’ from ‘ACHE the human gene’ and ‘the ACHE protein' acetylcholinesterase.
Euretos Search

Set creation in 100+ biomolecular categories

Many questions require a list as a result. For instance, which genes (or pathways, phenotypes, disease etc) are associated with both AXL and necrosis? In Euretos Search just click on one of the 100+ category buttons (e.g. genes, pathways, metabolites etc) and get the result. Filter and save these lists and continue your analysis in Euretos Analytics.
Euretos Search

Fine-grained, biomolecular set filters

Which genes are related to fibrosis, expressed with 10 TPM or more in hepatic stellate cells, have clinical reference and known available tool compounds? Tough question to answer? Not in Euretos Search! A rich selection of filters (e.g. gene category, tissue/cell type expression, type of reference etc) power the creation of biologically specific gene sets with just a few clicks.
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Euretos Search

Proactive search recommendations

Euretos Search gives recommendations on what to do next. Type in a gene and a link appears to open sets of genes with the same gene classification. Possible workflows for your query are shown automatically. You just focus on your research; we will provide you with the best tools to choose from!

Gene Detail page

The Gene Detail page provides you with relevant expression data (tissue, cell type, tumor, cell line), functional annotations, pathway analysis, drug candidates, patents, clinical trials and more! Much of this data is difficult to find or hand-curated by Euretos.
Enabling world leading pharma, biotech and academic institutions
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