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Powerful, high-impact workflows

Directly access a host of powerful workflows that support your translational research process. From hypothesis generation and target discovery to planning your in-vitro and in-vivo experiments.

Focused workflows across the entire translation research process
Plan your in-vitro and in-vivo experiments
Leverage 100+ databases without needing a bioinformatician
Get insights that would otherwise take days or weeks to achieve

Target & marker discovery

Identify disease markers and targets based on a wide range of biological criteria including:
  • Gene classification
  • Tissue and cell type expression
  • In-vitro / in-vivo models
  • Provenance
  • Gene variants (clinical, GWAS)
  • Dysregulation

Multi-criteria target ranking

Rank a set of potential targets on a wide range of criteria including:
  • Differential expression
  • Expression specificity
  • Number of co-mentions in Pubmed
  • Maximum clinical stage
  • Number of PPIs
  • Number of associated drugs
  • Associated variant annotations

Single-cell expression

Understand the single-cell expression profile of a target within healthy and tumor tissues including:
  • single cell RNA sequencing (scRNAseq) data from 31 human tissues
  • Includes peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs)
  • 15 different cell type groups
  • 557 individual cell type clusters
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Gene set profiling by enrichment analysis

Do gene set enrichment analysis against a unique collection of multi omics databases.
  • Uncover the deeper biological significance of your gene sets 
  • Get insights into how your genes are connected to biological processes, pathways, and more
  • Understand the potential role of genes in disease, phenotype, and cellular functions

Assess marker & target candidate 

Do a 360 degree biological, functional and commercial evaluation of a target based on expression data (tissue, cell type, tumor, cell line), functional annotations, pathway analysis, drug candidates, patents, clinical trials and more!.Much of this data is difficult to find or hand-curated by Euretos.

Target identification in cancer 

Identify cancer targets based on differential expression in healthy versus tumor tissues
  • Identify cancer targets based on expression profiles in healthy and tumor tissues
  • Evaluate the difference in expression between tumor samples from TCGA and healthy tissues samples from GTEx.
  • Set separate expression thresholds for healthy and tumor expression levels
  • Evaluate each potential target in detail.

Cell line selection in cancer

Rank cancer cell lines based on the expression level of one or more genes.
  • Start with one or two genes or a gene set.
  • RNA and protein expression from CCLE and Cell Model Passports.
  • Get expression heatmap for gene sets.
  • Cell lines can be excluded individually or per tumor type.
  • Create cell line profiles can for regular use

Tailored Workflows

Would you like to have a specific workflow tailored to your needs? We can create one for you, including the required data integration. Contact us to find out more!
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