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Euretos Analytics empowers researchers to analyze their data against the entire Euretos knowledge base. This unique background enables insights that no other analytics platform can provide. Powerful and easy-to-use set enrichment and ranking functions help you to understand the underlying molecular mechanisms of your data.

- Gene Set Enrichment

- Gene Set Ranking

- Transcription Network Analysis.

World's largest AI-integrated knowledge base
Intuitive for both casual and advanced users
Powerful enrichment and ranking functions
Insightful, time saving workflows

The world's largest AI-integrated knowledge base

We use AI to recognise and find relevant information for molecular disease and drug research. Information from over 275 life sciences databases and millions of publications and patents is harmonised and integrated. This provides a unique backdrop for powerful analytics functions.

Your data combined with the Euretos knowledge base

Euretos Analytics automatically overlays your uploaded or Search created sets in a Venn diagram. Combine up to six sets to create highly meaningful subsets such as: “genes that are associated with the immune response and have a variant annotation as well as upregulation for Crohn’s disease"
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Discover underlying drivers in your data

The Analytics set enrichment analysis enables you to find potential underlying associations in your data. You can look for patterns in over 130 categories such as diseases, phenotypes and molecular mechanisms. Results are ranked on p-value for two-sided Fisher’s exact test with multiple testing correction using the Benjamini-Hochberg procedure. A specific enrichment background set can be uploaded for even more relevant results.

Your data ranked on molecular and disease characteristics

With Analytics you can rank genesets on a wide range of criteria such as differential and tissue expression levels, number of gene/protein interactions, number of associated diseases, available public compounds and much more.

Discover regulatory pathways for your gene of interest

With the Transcripion Pathway Analysis workflow you can explore all potential gene regulation paths for a specific gene of interest. For any gene set the workflow will prioritise regulation pathways that contain genes from this set. If the set contains experimental measurements, such as expression levels, these will be taken into account, so highly dysregulated transcription pathways are prioritised. Each regulatory pathway can be analysed in great detail, including the cascade order, gene interactions, associated pathways and known compounds.
Enabling world leading pharma, biotech and academic institutions
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