We are Hiring! - Data Steward for Systems Biology - Utrecht

We are Hiring! - Data Steward for Systems Biology - Utrecht

Would you like to get involved at the forefront of applying AI & big data technology in life sciences research and work with the world’s leading pharma, biotech and research institutions? If you have a life sciences background and want to play a key role in data management and integration, please read on!

Due to the fast growth of Euretos, we are looking for a Data Steward for Systems Biology to join our team in Utrecht, The Netherlands. You will work at the heart of our organization in the Product Management team, in close collaboration with our Data Science team, Platform Development team and Systems Biology team.

You will govern the consistency and quality of our data model implementation. The data steward is involved in the integration of data from different data domains, ranging from experimental molecular data, clinical data, ontological and annotated data, and the interpretation of unstructured data sources.

Euretos Overview

Euretos provides AI-driven research consultancy as well as direct cloud access to the Euretos AI Platform. We enable AI driven, translational systems biology approach to pre-clinical discovery and clinical validation of targets and biomarkers. Our projects range from early target and biomarker discovery to phase III clinical toxicity and drug resistance analysis.

The Euretos AI Platform delivers an innovative knowledge search, analytics & sharing cloud environment to researchers at world leading pharma, biotech and academic institutions to accelerate life sciences research. By integrating over 275 different public databases, the Euretos platform provides the largest single environment in which the latest multi omics data is interlinked to literature, experimental and clinical evidence.


  • Owner of the company wide Data Model, consistently analyzing and modeling new data sets into the Euretos knowledge base.
  • Proactively identify datasets from literature and databases that are relevant for understanding human disease biology and drug development
  • Annotate data sets in terms of controlled vocabularies and ontologies, and prepare the data for input to the Euretos knowledge base
  • Improve or propose new data structures to facilitate the semantic integration of biological data
  • Contribute to the harmonization of biological relationships inferred from diverse data sources
  • Implement and document automated workflows to extract relevant information from biological datasets
  • Develop and implement methods for managing large scale biological data sets according to FAIR principles, taking into account version control, documentation, metadata and interoperability
  • Assess and document the quality of datasets imported into the Euretos platform
  • Consult with data scientists and research consultants to identify their needs and implement solutions
  • Manage customer data sets and implement security guidelines
  • Write applications to request controlled-access data sets


  • Degree in molecular biology or bioinformatics
  • Demonstrable experience with bioinformatic analysis of large biological and -omics data sets
  • Experienced programmer in Python and R
  • Experience with databases (SQL, MongoDB, Solr, Redis) and data management
  • Experience with implementing FAIR principles in data management

Apply Now!

Do you think you are the right person for the job? Then apply now and:

- Send an email to patrick.dekker@euretos.com or

- Contact Patrick Dekker on linked-In https://www.linkedin.com/in/pdekker/



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