Performing hundreds of Pubmed searches with a few clicks

We have just launched a new exciting feature in the Euretos AI Platform which empowers our users to hundreds of Pubmed searches in seconds with just a few clicks. This enables a comprehensive literature analysis which would normally take hours or days in just a few minutes.

It is another great example how any researcher can take a data driven approach without needing computation skills or doing large integration efforts.

The workflow does a large amount of searches based on combining lists of search terms. Imagine that you would like to understand the role of CXC chemokines in the main phenotypes of autoimmune diseases. This questions could be represented by the following three sets:

  • A set of the 6 CXC chemokines
  • A set of 40 main autoimmune disease
  • A set of 30 main phenotypes

Doing a comprehensive literature analysis would require 6 x 40 x 30 = 720 combinations of Pubmed searches! As the Euretos platform also include synonyms of terms in each search, the actual amount of searches is even substantially larger.

In the Euretos AI Platform you simply create these sets, select them and run the workflow. This gives a list of Pubmed references which match a combination of search terms:

For each combination of search terms the Pubmed references can be reviewed easily:

The most relevant publication can be read in detail. 

All results can be stored as bibliography lists and exported.

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