Major consortium, combines Euretos AI Platform with real world and clinical observations to create and validate Covid-19 disease model

The Trusted World of Corona (TWOC) is a large scale consortium consisting of 13 partners, from academic, research institutes and companies including Euretos. Members include the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC), the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR), the Human Vaccines Project (HVP) and Roche. The project has kicked off on the 21st of October.

One of the key objectives of the project, to which Euretos provides a major contribution, is to create a computational Covid-19 disease model to quickly rationalize with existing knowledge which drug appears to be effective in which phase of the disease. 

The principle investigator of the project, Prof. Barend Mons states: 

“One of the key aims of the project is to create Covid19 disease model which is based on real world and clinical observations and rationalised and validated by Covid19 disease experts and clinicians. The Euretos AI Platform will play an essential role in this rationalisation process and will be the initial starting point for creating the Covid19 in silico disease model.”

The basis for the research service provided by TWOC is mined data from literature, real world observations (mostly clinical but also self-reporting in COVID-19 apps), and outcomes from intervention trials concerning the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19. Domain experts will review, annotate and filter the information to consolidated information for citizens and for policy makers. The goal of this ‘trusted Hotel concept’ is to assist academic and private researchers, and help the community at large to get near real time accurate, expert-annotated and specific information on COVID-19 in a modern, customised format.

The consortium will help clinicians, the scientific community and policy makers to get near real time accurate, expert-annotated and specific information on COVID-19. Information will be annotated by domain experts. Outcomes will be visualized in the way stakeholders prefer. 

The resulting benefits of the program will include better use of treatments and a clearer view on factors that may negatively affect the outcomes of a COVID-19 infection and other future virus outbreaks.

"The collaboration project is co-funded by the PPP Allowance made available by Health~Holland, Top Sector Life Sciences & Health, to stimulate public-private partnerships."


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