Feature update Euretos AI Platform

During the last quarter, there have been substantial improvements and expansions to the Euretos AI Platform. Some of the key updates are highlighted below.

1 - Project collaboration and sharing features

One of the main features we have added is the ability to collaborate with other users. They can create projects and assign users (from the same organization) and share sets, analytics projects, knowledge graphs and bibliography,


2 - Create and share bibliographies

Users can select references, either from literature or databases and create lists. These can be shared with other users and exported and imported into external bibliography managers.


3 - Granular provenance based filtering options

The platform now supports additional filtering options which are driven by the provenance of search results. The following additional filtering options have been added:

  • For literature, search results can now be filters on co-mentions within a Pubmed abstract, specific sentence or publication title.
  • For databases, filtered is now available per database source (multiple selections are possible)

In addition to the existing provenance based filtering options (such as impact factor, type of research, publication date etc.) provides users with very granular control over the relevance, quality and recency of search results.


4 - Enhanced publication reading and analysis

One of the key aims of the Euretos AI Platform is to enhance the reading experience of publications. We have added three key features:

  • Concept highlighting enabling readers to quickly scan a publication for the most relevant concepts.
  • Review external evidence and novelty via Knowledge Graph Analysis. This also reveals the most novel associations within the abstract.
  • Suggested similar publications based on the level of similarity of the key concepts mentioned in each abstract.


5 - Improved visualization options in the Knowledge Graph

We have added a number of improvements to the Knowledge Graph especially to be able to create more specific visualization such as:

  • The enhanced filter options are also available here (such as sentence co-mention)
  • You can select your own colours and shapes for each category.
  • There are a number of automatic layouts you can apply which rearrange the Knowledge Graph with a single click based on a specific logic.




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