Euretos presenting at the Innovation for Health conference

Arie Baak, co-founder of Euretos, will be presenting at the Innovation for Health conference. This year’s event will take place in Rotterdam and Euretos will present as part of the Scale-Up track, February 13th at 11:30 in the Hudag Room.

In the Scale-Up track selects a limited number of selected companies that are growing fast are invited to present their capabilities and connect with connect with potential partners, future customers, leading investors and other stakeholders to further realise their ambitions.

Euretos will present on how it’s applications and services give researchers fundamental and novel insights into the systems biological, molecular mechanisms that drive phenotypes, disease pathologies, toxicities and drug response.

Euretos uses Machine Reading to semantically integrate over 275 public life sciences data and textual sources to provide the largest knowledge base where multi omics data is interlinked to literature, patents, experimental and clinical evidence.

State-of-the-art Machine & Deep Learning algorithms for cell type deconvolution, co-expression prediction and target perturbation analysis leverage this unique knowledge base to create highly insightful molecular disease models.

These unique assets enable (pre)clinical researchers to take a translational systems biology approach by connecting multi-omics interactions, through cell-type involvement, to downstream pathways, phenotypes and disease pathologies.

Please contact us at the Euretos website if you would like to meet during the event!



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