Euretos helps enable the transition to animal-free innovation

The Transition Programme for Innovation without the use of animals (TPI) is aimed at increasing the pace of animal-free innovation through temporary, flexible networks and projects. The TPI is a broad partnership of several Dutch government ministries, science funders, businesses and health & animal welfare foundations.

The TPI has recently published an overview of 26 Dutch start-ups and scale-ups that help enable the transition to animal-free innovation. It was presented at the TPI conference at the end of November.The Euretos platform contributes to the transition to animal-free innovation by providing a unique ‘translational systems biology’ model of diseases. This enables computer simulation analyses to assess drug efficacy, response and toxicity. The platform contains detailed information of many types of animal models as compared to human biology and helps to address the translation gap of moving from the preclinical stages of drug development to the clinic.

Our primary motivation has always been to increase the effectiveness of target and biomarker development within the context of drug discovery. By maximizing the use of AI and in silico methods, the preclinical stage can be shortened and the translation gap to clinical testing reduced. This, in the end, will reduce the risk and cost of drug development resulting in better and cheaper therapies that enter the market earlier. This is an important benefit to society, which we believe should come at minimal cost for any living organism involved in this process.




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