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We enable (pre)clinical researchers to take a translational systems biology approach to disease and drug research. Powered by the largest AI integrated knowledge base researchers get access to a suite of applications including Search optimised for disease and drug biology, Analytics for multi-omics & systems biological insights and a Knowledge Graph for exploring biomolecular interaction networks.

AI integrated knowledge base 

Access the largest AI integrated biomolecular knowledge base linking multi-omics data to literature, patents, experimental and clinical evidence. Assess key aspects of disease and drug biology such as multi-omics interactions, gene expression in tissues, cell types, sub-cellular location and tumors, pathway interactions, regulatory and signalling responses, clinical variant associations to disease and phenotypes, clinical trial outcomes, target tractability and patents.

Search - Optimised for disease and drug biology
Analytics - Systems biological multi-omics insights
Knowledge Graph - Biomolecular interaction analysis
Workflows - Target discovery & assessment (and more)
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Search - Optimised for disease and drug biology

Our search engine is optimised for drug and disease research and automatically includes all synonyms of your search terms. Easily create sets such as down & upstream protein interactions, dysregulated genes for a disease or agonist targets for a compound. Many fine-grain filtering options are available such as tissue/cell type expression levels, sources or publication types.

- Target Assessment

- Gene-Disease Analysis

- Set Creation. 


Analytics - Systems biological multi-omics insights

Perform insightful data analysis and interpretation by placing your experimental results within the context of systems biology. Understand disease biology from multi-omics interactions, through cell-type involvement, to downstream pathways, phenotypes and disease pathologies.

Gene Set Enrichment

Gene Set Ranking

Transcription Network Analysis

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Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph - Biomolecular interaction analysis 

The Knowledge Graph visualizes biomolecular associations as a relation map. These associations range from molecular interactions and database annotations to literature and sentence co-mentions. This enables a unique visual analysis that helps to identify key terms, indirect associations and concept clusters. This way you can test complex hypotheses, create molecular disease models and share insights as powerful visualizations.

Workflows - Target discovery & assessment (and more)

We have created many powerful workflows that automate key research questions such as target discovery, target assessment, gene-disease analysis and many more. In oncology we enable researchers to discover targets with high tumor expression and low expression in normal tissues to find selective, tumor specific targets.

Target Assessment

Gene-Disease Analysis

Target Discovery in Oncology

Target Discovery for Bispecific Antibodies.

Collaborative disease and drug research

We enable collaborative disease and drug research at multiple levels. Academic and corporate users can work together using the same core functionality. Sets, Analytics projects and Knowledge Graphs can be shared directly within the same organisation. We publish selected curated datasets or machine learning results with all our users. 

Euretos Indication Expansion
Customer review

Indication Selection

"In this project we evaluated you against our internal investigations and the results of one other external provider. What really sets you apart is how you combine a fundamentally biological and data driven approach. The breadth of the indications you assess and the depth of your analysis sets you apart and is a clear value add to our internal capabilities."

Global Head R&D Innovation Large European Pharma
Euretos Target discovery
Customer review

Target Discovery

"We have been working with Euretos for many years now. They provide us with unique tools that we use as an integral part of our target discovery and validation. Using the Euretos AI Platform is a mandatory input to our target evaluation meetings"

Director Target Discovery Large European Biotech
Euretos Target Assessment
Customer review

Target Assessment

"We are fascinated by the suggested hypothesis. It was great that even very small expressional changes were captured and a hypothesis was generated. The interpretation was also convincing and consistent. Also the team is well engaged, and had a very good understanding in the background of the project and our research question"

Director Target Discovery Large Japanese Pharma
Enabling world leading pharma, biotech and academic institutions
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