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The Euretos Knowledge Platform connects over 7 million known phenotypic, genetic, proteomic, metabolic and chemical concepts in a single ultra-performance environment. All contents is directly derived from scientific literature and databases with full references to sources. Apart from scope and performance, the Euretos Knowledge Platform is unique in providing the similarity, specificity and interaction strength of all its connections, even predicting their likelihood if not existing. This truly enables better answers to research questions. Faster.


Prof. David Webb (Scripps Research Institute)

The Euretos Knowledge Platform is nothing less than an in silico way to save all drug and biotech researchers an infinite amount of blood, sweat and tears by providing them with a powerful knowledge discovery platform.

The Euretos Knowledge Platform allows the researcher to rapidly assess whether a given target, research area, etc., is related, even distantly, to another such entity thus allowing one to uncover hidden connections, leading to new knowledge. In the drug discovery arena, this thing is a gold mine.

Life sciences knowledge for all

We believe every life scientist should have the best possible access to relevant knowledge. For any life sciences researcher or student we therefore provide free browsing access to our unique knowledge base. Please contact us to get access.

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