Are you struggling to read up on scientific literature and keep track of the latest discoveries? Are you wasting time searching, scrolling, clicking? Are you drowning in data? Is the cost of knowledge too high? 


It's time for BRAIN - getting you First to Knowledge


Euretos’ Bio Relations And Intelligence Network [BRAIN] provides single access to an unprecedented body of life sciences information resources. BRAIN dramatically reduces time spent on desk and lab research. BRAIN actively presents knowledge you could otherwise never have found.

It's a no-BRAINer


    1. Minimise time of desk research from months to minutes
    2. Instantly interpret lab results
    3. Reduce R&D investments
    4. Prevent foreseeable risks
    5. Gather intelligence efficiently
    6. Increase competitive advantage



Don't just take our word for it!


 David Webb (adjunct professor at The Scripps Research Institute)

BRAIN is nothing less than an in silico way tosave all drug and biotech researchers an infinite amount of blood, sweat and tears by providing them with a very powerful knowledge discovery platform.

BRAIN allows the researcher to rapidly assess whether a given target, research area, etc., is related, even distantly, to another such entity thus allowing one to uncover hidden connections, leading to new knowledge.

In the drug discovery arena, this thing is a gold mine”



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