Within two to four weeks we find potential targets/biomarker candidates or do a detailed target/biomarker assessment. This will save you months of painstaking on-line desk research. Enter your contact details and we’ll contact you to discuss next steps.

Use our platform to find novel target/biomarker candidates or do detailed target/biomarker assessment yourselves. This will save you months of painstaking on-line desk research. Enter your contact details and we’ll set up a demo to show you!

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In Silico
Target Discovery

Discover central players in the molecular mechanisms that drive the cell, tissue functions and phenotypes associated with your disease of interest. Assess their suitability as therapeutic targets on multiple criteria. Available as platform subscription or consulting service.



Discover key players in the molecular interactions driving disease pathology

Leverage our millions of gene annotations and combine these with your personal data. Discover and evaluate how molecular mechanisms influence cell and tissue functions, and in turn mediate phenotypes and disease pathology. Identify potential novel target candidates driving these pathologies.


Efficacious, Druggable and Safe targets

From the list of potential candidates, evaluate most promising therapeutic targets by ranking, filtering and scoring simultaneously on multiple key aspects of efficacy, druggability & safety.


Summary of Target Discovery

Create and upload gene lists - Leverage the millions of gene annotations in the platform to find candidate targets that meet very specific criteria. Upload your own gene expression and annotation lists to include in your analysis.

Broaden your understanding of the disease mechanism - Overlay multiple gene lists, each associated with specific disease characteristics, to find the most highly involved genes. Discover novel aspects of the disease mechanism (such as associated pathways, metabolites, molecular mechanisms etc) through embedded analytics algorithms.

Assess druggability - in particular known compounds with relevant mode of action (i.e. agonist for down regulated targets) and affinity levels (at least 100Nm), the Human Protein Atlas drug candidate assessment and whether a target is already an FDA approved drug target.

Assess Safety - in particular baseline expression for expression specificity, the number of genetic interactions with the target (and genes involved) and the number of diseases the target is associated with (and the specific diseases involved).

Assess Efficacy - in particular differential expression, functional association with the disease, the number of disease annotations for known gene variants, the number of publications in which the target and the disease co-occur and the number of physiological processes associated with the target that are regarded as hallmarks of cancer (for neoplastic targets only).

Review efficacy for novel targets where no literature (yet) exists In many cases the suggested targets are entirely novel for the disease and only linked through experimental data such as differential expression. The platform provides all indirect relations for the target – disease association including an assessment of the strength of biological interaction. This provides a unique a powerful way to assess efficacy immediately and expand the scope of your target identification activities.